Appealing a Parking Charge Notice (PCN)

Can a motorist access the appeals service without making an appeal to the operator first?

No. Under the new arrangements motorists are still required to write to the operator who issued the parking ticket to seek redress but where the dispute cannot be resolved the operator will be required to offer the motorist access to the Independent Appeals Service. The Independent Appeals Service will not consider an appeal from a motorist who has not first contacted the operator who issued the parking ticket. For further information visit the POPLA website:

What does the independent appeals service adjudicate on – points of law and/or the Code of Practice?

The independent appeals service considers aspects of law. It will determine whether a motorist has complied with the terms and conditions of the contract or committed trespass and, if so, whether the enforcement action is fair and reasonable and who is liable for payment of any charges as a result. BPA The Code of Practice will be a reference document for the independent appeals service and if the appeal identifies activities which do not comply with the Code of Practice they will be referred to the BPA for investigation in the normal way.

Green Parking recognise that customers can make a genuine mistake in forgetting to pay for a parking period.  Should this have happened, please send appeals via Green Parking Appeals or by post with the Parking Charge Notice reference number  and details of when and where it was issued together with your reason for non-payment and we will endeavour to look into the matter for you on a without prejudice basis.

Visit The British Parking Association to understand why you have been issued with a PCN and under what Statute Parking Charge Notices can be issued and enforced.

For Parking Charge Notices please send appeals via Green Parking Appeals or by post to:

Green Parking Ltd

Appeals Department 
1 Golden Court

Green Parking Ltd do not hear appeals over the telephone.

“The BPA are routinely spot checking sites managed by our Members to ensure compliance with our Code of Practice.

“The BPA take compliance with our Code seriously, as it aims to drive up standards within the private parking sector. It is also an opportunity for you to receive feedback on the sites you manage.

I can confirm that I visited Paddock Wood car park on Wednesday 13th July and I am pleased to confirm it met with the standards in our Code of Practice.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for assisting us in raising standards within the sector.”

Graham Chapman
Area Manager – British Parking Association