About Green Parking

Green Parking has over 20 years experience operating car parks in the UK

We have a reputation for providing flexible parking solutions that maximise revenue whilst reflecting our Landlord’s needs and responsibilities.

  • Spaces: Vary from 20 bay car parks in Central London, retail car parks near shopping locations to 1000+ spaces near airports or commuter hubs.
  • Tenures: From 6 month licences to institutional leases of varying lengths.
  • Sensitivity: We are able to operate effectively in highly sensitive areas such as heritage or conservation sites.
  • Flexibility: We have many examples of effective car park operation during construction projects.

Car parks are created or adapted then promoted using both traditional and digital marketing methods to deliver maximum income potential.

Car parks are created or adapted then promoted using both traditional and digital marketing methods to deliver maximum income potential.

We ensure that each facility serves the local community as well as enhancing the property owner’s profile whilst longer term options are developed.

Car Parks are leased or managed depending on client requirements. Our wealth of experience, high standards of professionalism guarantees we deliver the results our clients demand.

Neil Edwards is the Managing Director and founder of Green Parking Limited

Neil is a Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years experience in the Car Park Industry. He successfully developed a portfolio of branded car parks that were eventually sold to NCP in 2002.

Since then he has focussed on building Green Parking into a well respected industry brand. Neil also has experience in ancillary services such as site cleaning, recycling and solar technology.

Neil is passionate that Green Parking stays at the forefront of technological developments within the industry and comments:

“By 2020 ‘Millennials’ will account for around 70% of the workforce. They are the first true generation of ‘digital natives’ and how they run their lives will be integral to how our business will function.

U.K. Smartphone use is growing exponentially with 47.9 million people in the U.K. expected to have a smartphone by 2020, this sends a clear message to us and explains why our customer experience fully embraces digital technology. Green Parking’s digital marketing strategy currently comprises Parking Apps for journey planning, booking and payment as well as Social media to attract customers to our car parks. We will continue to adapt to this rapidly evolving digital world with provision of facilities for electric and in time driver-less vehicles.”

Neil is a former Scotland Rugby International and played for both Harlequins and Northampton during his rugby career.

The next few pages will provide an insight to Green Parking’s wide variety of  instructions as well as the professional and contemporary way we present our ‘parking experience’ to the public.

Thank you for your interest in our Company.

Neil Edwards